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Hello! I'm an Atlanta based compositor & SCAD alum with an additional focus in on set VFX work. After graduating in 2022, I went on to work at Crafty Apes VFX in Atlanta as a compositor for nearly 2 years where I got to work on a variety of film/tv projects. During my time there, I grew my skills in tasks such as keying, tracking, paint, and roto. 
 I was initially inspired to do visual effects after watching the behind the scenes of the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when I was in high school.  Realizing the collaboration and teamwork it takes to seamlessly combine so many different elements into one cohesive image was enchanting to me. Compositing quickly became one of my favorite parts of the pipeline because of its similarity to collage art when layering separate pieces together.

I'm excited to continue to grow & make new connections in the industry as I learn more about both compositing & on-set VFX work. 

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