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Being on set is one of my favorite parts of the VFX pipeline. Watching so many people work together to carefully create the perfect shot/composition is both exciting and inspiring for me. Though hectic and stressful at times, I've found some of my favorite memories during my time in VFX have been on sets. Here are some images from some of my favorite sets I've been on. 

"Perfect Circle" Short Film - Spring 2022

For this project, I worked as the on set VFX supervisor for the short film "Perfect Circle", directed by Ned Cooper with Director of Photography Kai Dickson. The effects include adding CG fire/destruction to a few shots using blue screen behind the actors as well as warping portal effects on the practical light portals. Since this project is being pitched to professional VFX companies, I did a 3D set scan of the bookshelves for them to use as reference geometry and got in depth set measurements. I also captured HDRIs, white ball references, distortion grids, and grain plates. The film had a full custom built bedroom set with professional actors and was my favorite project I worked on at SCAD.


Virtual Production: "Get Real" Commercial - Winter 2022

For this project, I worked as the VFX producer and compositor for SCAD's first ever collaborative commercial project using the new XR volume stage. I also got to supervise some of the key compositing shots on set. I learned a lot about the virtual production pipeline not just from a VFX standpoint, but also from the perspectives of production design and film. 


Other Set Supervision Photos
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