Robot Animated CG Integration


Nuke 12 (compositing), renders out of Maya 

Responsible for all aspects except original robot model/rig and Mixamo animation. Model from tim-oosthuizen101 on cgtrader. Original character from Netflix. 

For this project, my goal was to successfully animate, light, texture, and integrate moving characters into a tracked video. After recently watching "Love Death Robots" on Netflix and finding a free model online of the main character, I matched the robot's warm color tone with a library scene I set up and photographed. I used substance painter to texture the robots and add expressions, Maya to animate, light, and render, and Nuke to composite the scene. 

Some of the challenges in this project included learning to weight paint to fix the rig for Mixamo, incorporating and balancing multiple light sources (ceiling light and lamp), wrapping the jumping robot's shadow around the tracked stack of books, and adding camera-based motion blur successfully in Nuke. 

Lamp light, ceiling light, fill light passes, and all lights combined using spotlights in Maya and my own HDRI image on a dome.

Before and After Motion Blur using Nuke's MotionBlur 3D with a tracked scene camera.

Original Reference Photography.