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Box Boy Animation


Nuke 12.2 (compositing), renders out of Maya 

Box Boy Animation

Box Boy Animation

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directed by Adrian Ferma at SCAD

During this project, completed in May 2020, I learned about a completely new branch of compositing with animation under the guidance of Noah Catan, the lead compositor on the film. 

All 3 of these shots were completed within about a 2 week time period in which I learned many new pipeline and compositing techniques for 3D animation. 

The most important of these techniques was the use of cryptomatte selection and edge lighting to relight and recolor the scenes, which was my main job on this project.  By using cryptomatte, I was able to select specific objects in the scene without using rotos, which saved a lot of time and created really great results.  I did also use manual feathered rotos in larger areas such as where the sunlight appears to come in through the window. 


Before and after with the beauty pass I was given vs the final composited scene.


Cryptomatte selection 


Technique using cryptomatte, rotos, and color correct to relight and recolor specific objects using the albedo and lighting passes.

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