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Day to Night Composite


Nuke 12.2

With this project, I really challenged myself to learn more about in-depth tracking techniques, both 2D and 3D. To do this, a lot of research was required; I needed to look at and gather references of cities at night to see how the light should behave. 

I created roto shapes for all of the streetlights and headlight sources that were tracked with either manual keyframes or 2D tracking points. 

Aside from the tedious tracking, the biggest challenge in this project was painting out the cars on the right (and their shadows) and getting the new section to line up as the camera moves. I still have some things I hope to go back and fix with it, but I'm happy with where I was able to get during the span of this project and feel like I learned a lot by doing it even though it was not necessary for this project. 


I used 3D lighting with a projected and tracked card of the backplate in order to create an alternative to roto lighting where I would not need to draw every shape of the light hitting the ground. 

Full script

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