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Miranda Leighr


Week 1 Progress:

As our group began meeting to refine our concept, we looked for ways to make the scene feel more alive and decided we wanted to change the time of day to sunset and add people into the scene later on with green screen comp. I roughly altered Val's concept art to reflect the change of lighting here and included movie posters from films that were actually playing at East Side in 1955. 


Here are some images from my research showing East Side's logo and information about its shows and grand opening article.


I also spent a lot of time this week setting up meetings and organizing our project Discord server, Google Drive, and Dropbox structure. I created a spreadsheet with a tab for our shotlist that tracks shot information, lighting, and comp progress as well as a CG asset tracker tab to keep track of modeling, scanning, UV, texture, and render progress.



CG Tracker:


We also did a location shoot this weekend where we had a gimbal and DSLR that allowed us to get some smoother footage. We tried out some new shot angles and began discussing other shot options/additions. I made a few versions of our location edit showing different options: 


In these 2 new versions, we added more compositing work / potential through the use of green screen and more live action elements. We wanted to include the initial driving shot as a way to reveal the theater. By adding actors, we are also adding both life and a narrative to the scene.

Here is our first CG previs where we brought Ben's initial photogrammetry scan into Houdini and quickly set up CG cameras to test out new angles. 

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