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Miranda Leighr


Week 2 Progress:

During week 2, we solidified our overall concept and began moving into production. We made another new previs using a cleaned up building scan from Ben in Maya. We also finalized our shotlist and made it into 6 shots instead of 5 by adding an additional over the shoulder shot of T'Naige walking toward the theater. 

After meeting with Chad Newsom again and getting access to an article interviewing Savannah residents who went to Eastside, we changed the year of our project from 1955 to 1959 to coincide with the release of the film "Imitation of Life", which was described in the article as an important memory at Eastside. 

This week, we also shot all of our real footage on location in 2 parts that will be tracked and translated into CG. I spent a lot of time on production tasks to make sure this ran smoothly that included dividing up tasks/work among our group, securing reservations/film dates, and finding costumes/actors. 




Here's some of my main wardrobe references/inspiration for finding T'Naige's suit. Based on descriptions from interviews about going to the theater, people would dress up to go here, so I wanted to go with something formal. I got help from my friend Shelby at the SCAD costume shop to get the suit and I'm borrowing shoes from another friend. 

Test Shoot at Trustees to see the marquee lighting on the suit:

Shooting on Site: Friday, Jan 14 & Tuesday, Jan 18

For our first day on set, we were able to capture 3 shots using the dolly: sh020(OTS),  sh030 (movie posters), and sh040 (push into ticket booth).  Since sh030 is static, we'll match the perspective in CG using a film box we brought on set. We went back on Tuesday to redo sh020 using a gimbal and then get the car shot. We decided sh050 and sh060 would be better as full CG cameras. 


Sound Design: 

We found a sound designer this week, Michael Pierluissi, who is very interested in blending bustling city sounds with the theme song from Imitation of Life playing from inside the theater. He's gathering early sound assets for us. 

CG Progress:

As I was working on scheduling and production, Ryan, Val, and Ben were at work on the CG asset creation. Here's some of their early progress! 

Ticket Design:

This week, I also designed the physical ticket for the close up hands shot. After doing some research, I saw that 1950's movie theater tickets were similar in style to raffle tickets and I used Eastside's newspaper advertisements for further design inspiration.

Final Ticket Design to be Printed:


Inspiration designs from 1950s movie tickets:

Printed versions of the tickets Val made!


Green Screen Shoot: 

For our green screen shoot on 1/18, I found an actress that was available only 2 days before and had to style a wig for her myself based on the reference photo below. Although it's not perfect, it's only needed for shots that are pretty far away and obscured by the ticket booth glass. We spent a couple hours getting all the shots with T'Naige and Baylie, our actress, in the green screen room. 

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