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Miranda Leighr


Week 3 Progress:

During week 3, we had a short week due to a makeup class day. However, we put most of our focus into sorting through our green screen footage to make sure it worked and also blocking out more of our environment/shots. We realized that a lot of the cameras we shot on location either didn't track well or didn't have the right framing we wanted, so most of them ended up being re-created in CG. 

Here's another edit exploring more with timing and final camera angles. After we reshoot the ticket exchange shot, we'll be able to finalize all of our timing and frame ranges.

On January 25, we got back together to reshoot the green screen hand shot. We did a lot of takes this time where Baylie kept her hand flat to look like it's sliding through the ticket slot instead of raising it up. We also did a plate of T'Naige walking toward the camera to mimic the reflection that  may show up on the poster glass in sh030. At the end, Ben did a 3D photogrammetry scan of Baylie outside to create our digital double seen in sh010. Even with just rough processing settings, it looks very workable! 


I also denoised all of my footage and started doing rough slap comps using projections with the new camera Ryan created for sh020. 


Rough slap comp to see layout/proportion: 


Ryan's early lookdev progress - we started experimenting with a teal tile wall based on other theater images we've researched. 


To-Do List for Midterm: 

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