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Miranda Leighr


Week 4 Progress:

During week 4, our group finalized our camera angles and timing and started to really refine our materials and overall look of the theater. We also worked on cleaning up our models/scans to prep for midterm rendering. For comp, I got an exr for sh030 and was able to start experimenting with early glow and depth of field effects. I also started refining my key a bit, added a rough shadow on the ground, and began working on a reflection for sh030 on the wall that's still in progress since it takes a lot of refinement. 

Here's a previs edit with our newly locked timing and a rough comp using a current render for sh030. 

Reflection plate next to a merge screen reflection test on the poster glass: 


Experimenting with camera angles and perspective in sh030: 

The sh030 camera angle gave us a lot of trouble because it was a balance of keeping T'Naige in frame while also not making him look too tall. Eventually, Ryan and I decided to line it up to the actual horizon line in the green screen room. Although it shows more of the drug store, it's more accurate overall.


Shadow luminance key mask test: 

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