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Miranda Leighr


Week 5 Progress

During week 5, we hit nearly all of our midterm goals. We got full 1080p renders for every shot with a basic lighting blockout and first version textures in the scene. We had a UV issue on the door in the renders that's already been fixed , but we didn't have time to re render before midterm. We also got a first sound pass from Michael using the Imitation of Life theme song!

Midterm Edit with First Sound Pass + Individual Breakdowns:

Compositing sh020: 

As we approached compositing with full renders, Jake, Ryan, T'Naige, and I got on a call to make sure that the amount of neon glow we added was consistent between shots and decided to use an exponential glow gizmo for this. For sh020, I spent a long time refining T'Naige's key edges, especially the harsh green edge, using edge despill techniques. I also created a rough geometry blockout in Maya of the building that I read in to make sure my cards were placed at an accurate position in 3D space.


Compositing sh030: 

For sh030, the biggest challenges were the feet shadows and movie poster glass reflection. We shot a reflection plate for this shot, but since the walking doesn't perfectly line up, it was difficult to retime the motion to perfectly match. To get around this, I've been experimenting with animating a freeze frame plate by connecting it to a tracker I manually animated to follow T'Naige's shoulder movements. It's still going to take a lot of finessing with the keyframes to make it feel smooth and natural, especially at the beginning. 

Before and after comping the reflection:


Sunset Photos:

On February 3, Jake, Ryan, and I went to Tybee Island to take our own sunset photos to include in our scene in comp. Here are some of the results!

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