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Miranda Leighr


Week 6 Progress

During week 6, our group focused on staying organized and preparing our CG scene for render updates for class 15. Val worked on the ticket booth/door textures and the digi double and Ryan and Ben continued to work to populate the street, road, and areas around the main theater façade with trees & photogrammetry scans. I facilitated and led group meetings/discussions regarding the entire pipeline and spent a lot of time troubleshooting the timing/animation of the reflection on the movie poster in sh030. 

Refining the Reflection in sh030:

The reflection in sh030 ended up giving me a lot more trouble than I had originally anticipated. Because the reflection plate we shot doesn't match T'Naige's exact walking movements, it ended up being easier in the end to use the frozen frame method I mentioned in my last blog post. I shot a reference video at the Savannah theater of Ryan walking up to their movie posters to see how the reflection would show up which helped a lot with realism since I realized it would wipe in from screen right to left and that T'Naige's shoulders would be slightly angled. Since he was standing pretty straight forward in the plate, but the collar is the main thing visible in the reflection, I comped another shirt collar from Google over his to give the illusion of a more tilted chest. 

I also used the specular direct AOV and graded it using the alpha of T'Naige walking as a mask to create the idea of a shadow passing over the shiny tiles on screen right. 

Comp Iteration using the Week 5 Render with Updated Reflections:

Adding the Adjusted Suit Collar: 

Before and after + original collar image

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