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Miranda Leighr


Week 8-9: Finishing Up

During weeks 8-9, we got our final renders out and spent a lot of time refining and matching our shots in compositing. In particular, I focused on color, depth of field, and green screen edge work in both sh020 and 030. 


In sh020, I adjusted color for both Baylie and T'Naige and focused on making them feel integrated into the scene. Part of this was creating a procedural luminance key mask that allowed me to add a red rim light to T'Naige's hat as he walks closer to the glowing marquee. 

Sh020 Breakdown and Before/After Comp:


Red Rim Light Mask:



In sh030, I worked on softening all of the hand edges in the green screen to retain all the details. I also added variation to the shadow on the concrete, desaturated the neon emission, and adjusted the color of the suit to be a bit cooler to match the new environment.

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