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Hora Loca Music Video - Keying


Nuke 12.2.

Hora Loca Music Video

Hora Loca Music Video

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Directed by Pong Tulyathan

On this project done in May 2020, I was responsible for keying, roto, HDRI background placement, and some lens effects/color grading. Everything else on the background was done by Noah Catan, who also helped teach me a lot about advanced keying techniques and edge care for hair details and motion blur. 

This was only my second time keying in Nuke, and it proved to be quite a challenge due to the green turf and shirt being keyed out along with the green screen. 

In order to fix this problem, a lot of manual rotos and additional keys were required. By the end, though, I was really happy with my key given the learning curve and 2 week vfx time span for this project's deadline. 

Going forward, I plan to fix the background exposure relative to the dancers and either edit or replace the existing HDRI background to remove the warping on the corners. Additionally, I hope to find a way to work with the turf more and blend it with the new background in a different way. 


We projected the HDRI background onto a dome rather than a sphere in order to allow for a ground plane and eliminate slipping when tracked.

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