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Directing My First Collaborative Short Film. 


Canon XC 10.

This film was my first exposure to the world of professional filmmaking and I feel honored to have directed my own film from start to finish.  I was able to learn about and carry out all the aspects of the filmmaking process. I wrote a logline and script, did location scouting, pitched my idea, found a crew, worked on a shotlist and storyboard, planned a budget and shooting dates, and learned about sound, post-production editing, and lighting. My crew was essential and the teamwork skills and friendships we gained are invaluable.  

Cast & Crew: 

Producer: Victoria Thomas

Director of Photography: Abby Loden

Gaffer: Pauline Bertholon

Sound: Bret Duncan 

Special Effects: Justin Sprink 

Cast: Julien Camaraza, Camden Galvin, Ashtyn Zelek, Sam Moss, Will Marsh,  & Creed Mixon

Cinematography by Abby Loden.

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