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Miranda Leighr

Week 2-3 Progress

During week 2-3, I finished processing all of the files from the editor, solidified the color pipeline, and got the footage into comp-ready exr sequences. I also created HDRIs from the 360 images I captured on set and gave them to Elyse along with perspective matched/tracked cameras for each shot. Elyse began working on her first FX renders that I was then able to bring into Nuke to begin experimenting with glow effects and disintegration timing. We decided to prioritize shots 2D,2F,and 3C for our first progress milestone. 

In addition, I spent a lot of time during week 2 watching tutorials and learning about Silhouette/Mocha Pro. After realizing that the green screen footage (particularly on the 16mm film since I couldn't preview it on set) wasn't very good, I decided it was time to learn more advanced rotoscoping techniques that will also help me in the industry later.  Over the weekend, I did rough comps for 3 of the shots to start getting an idea of what they would look like. On Sunday, Elyse and I met with the director Natalie, who approved our direction and gave us some feedback to follow going forward.


Class 5 Progress:

Film Grain Comparison Compressed vs Full Quality:

2F First Rough Comp Progress: 

 2F Canvas Colors: 

For 2F, I added additional paint strokes animated to change across the footage using a rotopaint node. To make them feel fully integrated, I created a photoshop file that sampled/combined all of the colors from the original plate to make it feel like each stroke was part of the footage.



3C Before/After:


Magic References: 

The director's vision: semi opaque particles that change color and movement based on the mood of the characters. Radiating, misty effects.


(sandman effect around 2:28)


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