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Konfidential Dance Team Music Video - Manual Reflections


Nuke 12.2 (compositing), Unreal Engine (background rendering)

background by Nguyen Tran Minh Tri

For this music video, done for the SCAD Konfidential Dance Team, I took this originally static shot and  manually created reflections on the floor under the dancers using projection and roto-ed sections of the flipped plate. I used a camera imported from Unreal in order to match the background's movement. Since the dancers were not moving in the shot, it made it easier to make a convincing reflection, but it still proved to be a challenge since they are standing in different locations and a simple flipped image does not line up with all of their feet.


To solve this issue, I was able to use a series of merge operations and grades with the background sequence, in combination with some grid warping and distortion , in order to make the reflections look accurate and appear to line up. 


In order to create the reflections, I separated them into rough sections of front and back to represent where the dancers are standing in space. Both used the same process but laying it out in this way helped me visualize and organize my script a lot more effectively. I distorted the flipped image, rotoed out the sections I wanted with mask merges, merged those together, and then cut out the excess areas before projecting and then combining with the background sequence. 

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