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Statue CG Integration


Maya 2019 (Arnold), Nuke 12.2

This project was a huge learning process for me, with it being my first time learning about CG Integration and AOV's in March of 2020. To begin, I found the free model of The 
Winged Victory of Samothrace on MyMiniFactory and the backplate on Pexels. I then textured and lit the statue in Maya before bringing it back into Nuke for compositing the render passes together. 

I used modelbuilder geometry in Nuke that I brought into Maya in order to create the clipping effect of the wing when it is obscured behind the building in the front. 

Below you can see my first completed project and then the updated version I finished in January 2021 where I added rocks and roto painted/re-projected the background to further enhance the shot and correct some reel feedback I had received. 

March 2020 - Original Comp

January 2021 - Updated Comp


Rotopaint Reprojection to remove the tube on the ground


Beauty Render out of Maya

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