Watermelon CG Integration


Maya 2019 (Arnold), Nuke 12.

The goal of this project was to integrate CG into an environment where it would roll through and interact with areas of both light and shadow. I started by taking my own photos for lighting reference and to match perspective and create my own HDR using exposure bracketing on my camera with a chrome ball. 

I then had to trace over the area of shadow on my clean plate using roto shapes in Nuke to create a projection in Maya that would allow the shadow of the environment to wrap around the CG. Additionally, in order to get rid of the double shadow effect seen in the breakdown above, I had to create a shadow plate using clone stamping tools in photoshop, since my physical shadow plate did not cover the entire frame.  I then rendered all the passes (object/ground occlusion, shadow projection, shadow, and beauty) and composited them together in Nuke with other effects such as edge blur, color correction , and depth of field with zdefocus. 


Original Photoset, shadow clean plate, HDR, and shadow projection alpha 


Final Nuke Script


Shadow Projection Roto Clean Up