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Miranda Leighr

Week 4-5 Progress

Midterm Progress Video:  
includes a to-do list for post-midterm tasks

Week 4-5 Summary:

During week 4-5, Elyse finished FX versions of all 6 shots for approval from the director and I composited them in. Because the render farm doesn't allow her to name the renders, we had to troubleshoot all of the render sequences being named "output.####" and differentiate between them as well as keep track of missing frames. I realized that I underestimated the amount of work it would be to manage 6 shots at once for each of us. We still have a lot of work to do & have notes listed both on our tracker document and within our midterm video.


Green Screen Cleanup & Mocha Pro Tests

For shot 2E, because of the 16mm film, uneven lighting, and wrinkly green screen, I knew that it would be the most difficult/troublesome shot. Because of this, I spent time watching Mocha Pro tutorials this week to see if it could aid with rotoscoping and learned about all of its planar track features & perspective/mesh tracking tools that helped me track the natural shake/bounce of the hair on the right side in this shot.

I also decided to try out some clean screen techniques to see if I could clean up the wrinkly screen on the rest of the shot to allow me to key that section. Eventually, I had a pretty successful result (below) that kept all the details on the left half of the actress' face/hair. I also applied this technique to the digital green screen shot (10D) which helped me get a cleaner key for testing.  In the end, there still wasn't adequate detail in the hair strands on the right even for rotoscoping and I ended up cutting them out entirely to match the other side of her hair in 2E. 


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