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Miranda Leighr

Week 6-7 Progress

Class 15 Progress Video:  (includes only 2 shots due to render farm delays)

Week 6-7 Summary:

During week 6-7, I focused on refining edges & existing comp details while Elyse began finalizing her FX renders. Because the farm was very backed up, the process of getting the FX renders out was very slow and stalled our overall progress pace. After getting feedback from the director after week 5, we made our final changes to the FX which included mainly adding more variation & turbulence to the FX in 2E, 10D, and 10F & adjusting colors to better match the original paintings. Unfortunately, by class 15 we weren't able to finish all the renders we wanted because the farm had more than 70 people in queue most of the week. 

Blending FX Renders:

Something that Elyse and I both struggled with was figuring out the best way to integrate the FX with the 2D painting plates. Some of this was solved by changing the FX colors to better match the physical painting's colors. In addition, making the FX originate more in the center of the canvas and go out rather than moving upwards like a wipe also helped with the believability, especially in 2E and 10D. 

For 10D specifically, I had a hard time figuring out how to make the painting & FX feel integrated since the alpha mask I was using to reveal the painting over the clean plate felt like it had too hard of an edge. I started doing tests to troubleshoot this using the original FX alpha instead. In the end, we decided it would be more beneficial to redo it entirely so we can avoid cutting out the effect itself and approach it more like 2E/2F. 


Before and After 10D Test:

Before and After 2E FX:

2E FX Appearing WIP:

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