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Paint Me a Picture VFX Blog
Miranda Leighr

Week 8-9 Progress

Week 8-9 Summary:

During week 8-9, Elyse and I focused on refining & completing shots 10D and 10F. We wanted to figure out the best way to make the FX feel integrated with the painting while still maintaining their own distinct look. To do this, Elyse ended up rendering a separate alpha and FX pass for me similar to what we did in the scene 2 shots so that the edges wouldn't feel so sharp where the painting mask was at. On the first alpha render though, we realized that it was very jittery in the motion, which we were able to fix enough by deleting every other frame and letting Nuke interpolate between them. Every shot got approved by the end of week 9!

10F FX Render/Painting Mask Alpha:

10F Before and After Saturation Adjustments:

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