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WEEK 8: Final Rendering

Updated: May 18, 2021

SUMMARY: This week, our group fixed render issues such as missing AOVs and specular fireflies to create our final 1080p renders. I focused on correcting compositing critique from last week, including increased motion blur, vignette, and color grading. I also added edge blur to the train in shot 1 and 2 in order to smooth out any harsh CG edge lines. In addition, we retimed the logo with shot 4, Yash added more sound FX to our final mix, and Gen/Amanda created new credits!

Updated Visualization:

Shot 1: In shot 1, based on mentor feedback, I added more motion blur to the train, made it more in focus, and created a darker, cooler toned vignette on the top right. I also added edge blur around the train and darkened the stage floor by using a mask Ken created. Shot 1 Final Result Before/After:

Adding Edge Blur:

Using Ken's mask of the train/guitar without the background, I was able to extract a train edge using a filter erode/merge minus method. This helped significantly with fixing edge issues caused by grading the background and adding motion blur.

Before and After Vignette

Created using a roto shape with feather, masked to only the background.

Fixing Noise in Shot 1:

To fix diffuse and specular noise on the frets and guitar strings, Ken had to render them on a separate layer to avoid hitting the 2 hour kill limit on the renderfarm.

String & fret layer:

By rendering the strings in a separate layer and putting an aimatte on the beauty layer, we faced some issues with getting the depth to work properly on both the guitar body/train and strings. Gen helped me solve this through using a channel merge and shuffle method.

Shot 3/4 Transition:

In shot 3 and 4, I continued to work on creating a smooth transition that wasn't too overexposed. I also adjusted motion blur and AOV-specific colors.

In the final frame of shot 3 (below), I was able to capture some of the overexposed, cinematic look without blowing out the entire image. Because Gen lowered the exposure of his smoke element, I had more control in comp this week for the transition.

All shot 3 render layers:

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