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WEEK 9-10: Final Product & Breakdowns

Updated: May 22, 2021


During week 9, before our final submission in the beginning of week 10, our group focused on fixing minor texture, bokeh, and color critiques. The only shot we had to re render was the beauty in shot 1 in order to reduce the bump on the guitar wood. We split up comp this week for the first time so that we each had something to work on and I could put more focus into making breakdowns as well. Because of this, I focused on comp for shot 1 since it needed the most work/finessing on depth of field and Amanda/Gen helped out with final touches on shots 2 and 3.

FINAL Commercial:

Final Breakdown Reel:

Here's a reel I put together with all of my compositing breakdowns for each shot!

New Team Logo:

I created a new team logo to use in our breakdown videos using the font on our drum set!

Creating Realistic Bokeh:

One of the biggest points of feedback I got from Kyle was on the bokeh shape in the background across our project. In order to fix this, I met with Professor Bridget and Victor from Team Speedraycers to figure out the best method to change the bokeh shape. After looking at some various options, I found out that instead of setting the zdefocus node to "bladed", I could set it to "image" and plug in an outside source shape for the bokeh itself that would give it an imperfect, textural look.

I found these two bokeh shapes online with Bridget's help that I tried out in the comp:

I really liked the one on the left due to its uneven edges and I wanted to test it in shot 2 since the bokeh shapes are much easier to see. Here's a comparison before and after: Before (bladed bokeh):

After (image plug in):

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