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WEEK 3: Setting the Stage

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


During week 3, we focused on creating a more grounded set for our stage. Based on feedback from the professors, we realized that our final shot was lacking a sense of excitement due to how empty it was - rather than capturing the feeling of the beginning of a concert as intended, it felt like the concert was already over and the train had arrived late. To fix this, we decided to change the stage venue to look more like a larger outdoor concert, which also made more sense for the amount of confetti and smoke we have. After finding a free stage set online (, I organized the models into our existing scene to recreate the stage for our shots and then began adding additional 2D elements in compositing. I also compiled and edited/composited each version of our previs.

First version of our week 3 previs without smoke FX:

Previs after adding FX renders for Smoke and Confetti and Early Sound FX (no music yet):

New Outdoor Stage Set in Maya:

2D Nuke Elements: Because our stage is now outdoors, it also requires a background, which we decided to approach in Nuke using an image on a tracked card appearing in shots 1,2, and 4. Most of the outdoor stage references we looked at had a line of trees or a field behind the stage, so this is what we decided to go with. In addition to the background, we needed a crowd in the audience to make the environment feel believable. To do this, Gen gave me a green screen asset he had of a crowd cheering, which I projected, tracked, roughly keyed, and placed onto a card for this iteration of the previs in shot 4. Compositing Before/After for Shot 4:

Background Inspiration/Idea:

Background Photo used in Nuke:

Green Screen Plate:

Nuke Tree:

Includes basic spotlight transition using god rays, projected shot 4 cameras/cards, a rough green screen key for the crowd, and added smoke/confetti/depth:

Sound Design: This week, our team also had 2 sound design meetings to plan what kind of music and sound FX we wanted to have in our commercial. We all decided on rock music as a genre and met to make this presentation to give to our sound designer, Jingyi Song, to begin working with. We solidified our final timing this week as well and also gave this information to Song on the first slide. (Final edit - 12:15 seconds with logo screen). Sound Cues Presentation for Song:

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