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Miranda Leighr


General Idea Overview: 

The idea for this project, initially a photogrammetry/comp collaboration, came from a Savannah location scout in Fall 2021 when we came across an interesting old building on Broad Street that clearly resembled a theater. After doing research on it, we found out that it was an important neighborhood theater called Eastside from the 1940's-60's. Since there are no color photographs of the theater, we decided it would be a unique and meaningful project to restore it and create a historical re-creation using VFX. 


The VFX Team: 

Miranda Leighr: compositing, production, editing/color
Val Ortmann: modeling, look development
Ben Gilbert: photogrammetry, modeling, look development
Ryan Harper: lighting, modeling, look development,scene layout, rendering

Jake Diana: compositing
T'Naige Wallace: compositing

PRE-PRODUCTION: October-December 2021

Rough initial location scout edit: (Fall 2021)

This is our group's initial pitch presentation for this project that goes through our ideas, schedule, location scouting photos, and more!

This research document was created for our group by Professor Chad Newsom of the art history department at SCAD using some of his compiled research about Eastside and other theaters of the time.

The only existing image of the theater: 


First Concept Art from Val: 


Weekly Progress Blog:

Eastside Weekly Progress
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